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Tigura is one of the fastest growing IT & Engineering recruiting and outsourcing companies in Western Poland. For years we have been successfully delivering value to our customers, offering them comprehensive recruitment and outsourcing services of top engineering experts. We operate both locally and internationally.
Tell us who you are looking for, we probably already have a solution for you!

Our team is a  multidisciplinary group of specialists, consultants and recruiters - we all  have a heart for recruiting employees and deliver value to our customers. Maybe  that's why we are so successful? Recruiting top talent is not an easy task, nobody  knows it better than us, but victory in a challenging fight tastes always the best. We believe that our success depends on yours, that is why the key word  in our dictionary is partnership.

We are located in the very center of  Western Poland, which makes us the solid link between Eastern and Western Europe. In our recruiting efforts we focus mainly on candidates from Poland, but we also work with candidates from  other Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Belarus. On our market,  we have already looked under every stone and entered every river, which enabled us to build a network of the best and trusted experts in your industry!

We devote 100% of our time to finding and discovering… hidden talents, the best specialists and dormant potentials.  Our services are primarily the recruitment and outsourcing of programmers andengineers, and headhunting of managers. We do all of this comprehensively.  First, we will professionally advise you on the best solution. Then we will deliver exactly what you are looking for - a top specialist that suits your needs. Our assistance does not end upon hiring an employee, our support continues and we quickly respond to your needs when required. You can be sure that when conducting recruitment, we use the best and the latest technologies for acquiring  candidates, who match the position and profile of your company.

If you are reading this, it  means that you are probably looking for external support in recruiting. Do you  consider the recruitment of good employees a challenge? Great, we like  challenges. Our numbers speak for themselves!

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We are a reliable and stable recruitment agency. We offer services of the highest standard, the proof of which are the certificates confirming our professionalism and operation in accordance with the law.
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Employment Agency

Certificate confirming entry in the national register of employment agencies. Entry number: 11007

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Organization of Employers
of Lubuskie Province

It is an association that brings together the most dynamic companies in our region. The purpose of the association is to meet all organizational, legal and economic needs and expectations of employers.